Top-class hygiene services

At Kings Dental, we really value a preventative approach to dental care. We therefore strongly believe it is crucial that your gum health is taken seriously.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease is a prevalent condition and can lead to bleeding, pain, infection and is the leading cause of tooth loss. The prevention of the progression of gum disease is very possible with good oral hygiene and regular visits to our highly skilled hygienist.

The hygienist will start by inspecting your oral health and hygiene and will ask you about your current oral hygiene regime.

They will then provide you with valuable oral hygiene instructions to help you maintain your teeth and gums at home, so that in the long run your gums remain as healthy as possible.

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They will then move on to carrying out a comprehensive clean of your teeth and gums before finishing off with a polish. If you would like full stain removal, then it is highly recommended to have Airflow stain removal treatment carried out as part of your appointment for a brilliant stain free finish.

We would usually recommend having your teeth scaled with the hygienist every 3-6 months depending on your needs.

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